This simple smoothie is created using the vanilla pod which gives a much more aromatic taste compared to vanilla essence.

Ingredients for the Vanilla smoothie recipe:-

310g plain yogurt (frozen)
3 red apples
1 vanilla pod
30g of superfine caster sugar
5 table spoon water

Preparation steps for Vanilla smoothie recipe:-

Split vanilla pod open to half length by using sharp knife
Put into pan together with sugar and water
Heat until sugar melts then boil it over for 1 minute.
Remove from heat and leave for 10 minutes to cool down
Meanwhile, cut apples into chunks then put it through juicer
Pour apple juice into large bowl
Remove vanilla pod from pan and scrape tiny black seeds back into syrup
Pour syrup into large bowl which already contains apple juice
Add yogurt to bowl and whisk blend until thick and frothy
Pour into glass and chill before serving

Serving Size : 2 glasses

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