Plantain Smoothie Recipe


Plantain is a type of banana but a banana that has lesser sugar tan common bananas. Plantain has a very high amount of vitamin A, potassium and is low in sodium. Plantain smoothie recipe is a great smoothie recipe if you are facing constipation problems as plantain smoothie recipe helps in bowel movements.

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Cucumber Avocado Smoothie Recipe


Try this refreshing blend of Cucumber Avocado smoothie recipe for a change in taste. Rich in avocado goodness and refreshing taste from cucumber, this vegetable smoothie recipe is worth the try

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Chocolate Mint Smoothie Recipe


Another refreshing smoothie recipe with chocolate mint. Chocolate mint smoothie recipe is best served for at parties suitable for all ages from children to adults. Not only is this chocolate mint smoothie recipe easy to make, it is also deliciously made for chocolate lovers

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