Celery is known for lowering cholesterol therefore this Celery Breakfast smoothie recipe is best for those people who would like to take the effort in reducing their cholesterol levels.

Ingredients for Celery Breakfast Smoothie Recipe:-

2 Carrots
500g Tomatoes
1 lemon
5 celery stalks
4 scallions, trimmed
1 handful of fresh parsley
1 cup of fresh mint leaves

Preparation steps for Celery Breakfast Smoothie Recipe:-

Peel carrots and chop into chunks
Peel tomato skin, remove seeds and chop into chunks
Cut lemon into half and squeeze juice from lemon
Place lemon juice into blender
Trim and chop celery stalks into chunks
Trim and chop scallions into chunks
Add carrots, tomatoes, celery and scallions into blender together with lemon juice
Blend for a while to ensure all ingredients are well mixed
Add parsley and mint leaves and blend again
Ensure mix is blended well until smooth

Serving Size : 1 glass

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