Brandy with Mint Smoothie Recipe


Try this Brandy with Mint smoothie at home and you will feel that this is a refreshingly great summertime drink. Infused with mint and brandy, this Brandy with Mint smoothie makes it a great cocktail party drink

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Chocolate Milkshake Float Smoothie Recipe


Say nothing more! This Chocolate Milkshake Float smoothie says it all for those milkshake lovers and chocolate lovers out there. You will enjoy this delicious Chocolate Milkshake float smoothie drink if you can’t resist chocolate and love ice cream.

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Banana Daiquiri Smoothie Recipe


Banana Daiquiri smoothie is a blend mixed with rum and banana. This Banana Daiquiri smoothie is similar to the Strawberry Daiquiri smoothie except that banana gives you the yummy banana flavor which is fragrant  and thick when mixed together with rum and tangy lime juice

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