Hawaiian Party Smoothie Recipe


Impress your guests by serving them this Hawaiian Party smoothie which is not only easy to prepare but also a more nutritious option to soft drinks and cocktails. This Hawaiian Party Smoothie is also a great drink if you have a Hawaiian themed party during the summer breeze

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Antioxidant Smoothie Recipe


Antioxidant is one of the most widely and commonly used words when it comes to the health care and beauty industry. Although once mention the word antioxidant, many can relate but not many know that antioxidant is actually molecules that is used for disease treatment and prevention. Therefore, it is really important that we get enough of antioxidants and what is more greater than to make an Antioxidant smoothie? Try this simple Antioxidant Smoothie recipe and notice the difference in the change of your body

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Pistachio Banana Smoothie Recipe


Combine benefits of bananas and pistachios and what you will get is an fully nutritional drink. Pistachio Banana Smoothie is not only suitable in the mornings but a healthy drink as pistachios are known to lipids and lipoproteins which are risk factors for heart diseases.

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