Banana Daiquiri Smoothie Recipe


Banana Daiquiri smoothie is a blend mixed with rum and banana. This Banana Daiquiri smoothie is similar to the Strawberry Daiquiri smoothie except that banana gives you the yummy banana flavor which is fragrant  and thick when mixed together with rum and tangy lime juice

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Pineapple Rum Smoothie Recipe


Enjoy this thick tropical Pineapple Rum smoothie during parties. This Pineapple Rum smoothie is not only great for those in need for a refreshing drink but also a great cocktail that can be made ahead of time serving guests during afternoon summer parties

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Passion Fruit Mango Smoothie Recipe


This fruity Passion Fruit Mango smoothie is fit for the king where the champagne is poured over the Passion Fruit Mango smoothie and served. This thirst quenching Passion Fruit Mango Smoothie drink will deliciously delight your guests making it a great party drink for summer days

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