Broccoli Vegetable Smoothie Recipe


If you hate the taste of broccoli, why not try this Broccoli Vegetable smoothie recipe which is rich in the goodness of broccoli? This Broccoli Vegetable smoothie recipe has the ingredients which are known to be high in antioxidant helps to prevent cancer

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Apple Ice Cream Smoothie Recipe


Take a healthy apple and mix it with ice cream and get a great dessert. This apple ice cream smoothie recipe is bound to make your taste buds tingle. Apple ice cream smoothie recipe not only brings you satisfaction to your cravings but also a healthy way of eating dessert

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Celery Breakfast Smoothie Recipe


Celery is known for lowering cholesterol therefore this Celery Breakfast smoothie recipe is best for those people who would like to take the effort in reducing their cholesterol levels.

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