Apple Ice Cream Smoothie Recipe


Take a healthy apple and mix it with ice cream and get a great dessert. This apple ice cream smoothie recipe is bound to make your taste buds tingle. Apple ice cream smoothie recipe not only brings you satisfaction to your cravings but also a healthy way of eating dessert

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Mocha Ice Cream Energy Smoothie Recipe


Combine mocha and ice cream so what do you get? A deliciously energy smoothie that can boost you up the whole day with this new Mocha Ice Cream Energy Smoothie. The new Mocha Ice Cream Energy Smoothie will bound to satisfy your cravings for coffee, chocolate and ice cream

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Cappuccino Smoothie Recipe


Cappuccino Smoothie recipe happens to be my favorite smoothie of all time. The cappuccino mixed with ice cream indeed brings in a creamy blend for this cappuccino smoothie. Not only that, research shows that a cup of coffee for breakfast can help shed excess weight by suppressing appetite and reduce blood sugar swings

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