This special blend of Amaretti Apricot Smoothie is bound to make you crave for more. The special combination of orange, apricots and maple syrup together with the tasty amaretti biscuits gives this Amaretti Apricot Smoothie a delicious complex flavour

Ingredients for Amaretti Apricot Smoothie Recipe:-

3 large oranges
60g amaretti biscuits
610g small fresh apricots
4 tablespoon of maple syrup
210g Greek yogurt
2 tablespoon amaretto liquior
1 cup of drinking water
1 cup of crushed ice

Preparation steps for Amaretti Apricot Smoothie Recipe:-

Squeeze juice from all oranges and use 1 orange to grate rind from
Halve and stone apricots and put them into the pan
Add orange juice into pan and zest then heat slowly
Cover with lid then simmer gently for 3 minutes until apricots are tender
Pour juice through sieve then leave juice to cool completely
Put half the fruit, strained juice, maple syrup and amaretti into blender and blend until smooth
Arrange remaining fruit halves in the base of the four glasses
Stir yogurt until smooth and spoon over the fruits
Add amaretto liquor and add drinking water into mix if juice is too thick
Pour juice into glass and add remaining yogurt with some crushed ice into each glass and drizzle with maple syrup to serve

Serving Size : 4 glasses

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