Sweet Banana Peach Smoothie Recipe


You will love sweet banana peach smoothie if you love the mixture of bananas, peach and rapsberries all blended into one. The sweet banana peach smoothie is slightly thick in texture but it is a great to-go breakfast drink that is packed with potassium

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Amaretti Apricot Smoothie Recipe


This special blend of Amaretti Apricot Smoothie is bound to make you crave for more. The special combination of orange, apricots and maple syrup together with the tasty amaretti biscuits gives this Amaretti Apricot Smoothie a delicious complex flavour

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Chocolate Smoothie Recipe


If you love chocolates, you would definitely want to try out a chocolate smoothie. Depending on one’s personal, you can use bitter sweet chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolate or even white chocolate. However, to create the intensity of the chocolate smoothie, you can mix each type of the chocolate

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