Passion Fruit Mango Smoothie Recipe


This fruity Passion Fruit Mango smoothie is fit for the king where the champagne is poured over the Passion Fruit Mango smoothie and served. This thirst quenching Passion Fruit Mango Smoothie drink will deliciously delight your guests making it a great party drink for summer days

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Lime Margarita Smoothie Recipe


Try this Lime Margarita smoothie for a change. The bit of zesty lime and a clear tequila ensures that this Lime Margarita is for those serious drinkers out there

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Sweet Banana Peach Smoothie Recipe


You will love sweet banana peach smoothie if you love the mixture of bananas, peach and rapsberries all blended into one. The sweet banana peach smoothie is slightly thick in texture but it is a great to-go breakfast drink that is packed with potassium

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