Orange Avocado Smoothie Recipe


Orange Avocado smoothie contains ingredients that are good for the skin because of Avocados high in vitamin E, orange’s high in vitamin C. Moreover, this Orange Avocado smoothie also has a combination of other ingredients such lemon, parsley and asparagus which cleansing properties.

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Apple Aloe Vera Smoothie Recipe


Apple Aloe Vera smoothie is a drink that has a refreshing taste because of the sweetness of apples and aloe vera’s soothing properties. Not only is this smoothie easy to prepare, but the ingredients such as apple and aloe vera is easy to find. You can even plant your own aloe vera in your backyard because it not only serves as a refreshing drink but aloe vera is also known for its healing properties if there is any burns

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Pineapple Smoothie Recipe


A refreshing pineapple smoothie drink is full in vitamins (c, B1, B2), iron and magnesium. This pineapple smoothie is specially designed for the pineapple lovers out there.

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