If you love mangoes, why not try this Mango Margarita smoothie recipe for a change? This smoothie is bound to tickle your taste buds with the thick mango texture as your favorite party drink

Ingredients for Mango Margarita Smoothie recipe:-

1 small mango
4 oz of tequila
1 oz lemon or lime juice
2 oz of cointreau
1 cup of ice cubes
3 teaspoon of castor sugar (liquified)
Whipped cream

Preparation Steps for Mango Margarita Smoothie recipe:-

Peel mango skin and mango core
Cut mango flesh into chunks and place in blender
Add other ingredients of cointreau, lemon or lime juice, ice cubes, castor sugar and tequila into blender
Blend mix until smooth
Pour mix into glass and topped with whipped cream
Serve immediately

Serving Size : 2 Glasses

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