The echinacea apple smoothie recipe is a good drink to fight of any symptoms of cold or flu because of the rich antioxidants and the additional ingredient of echinacea which is also known to be rich in vitamin C. Apart from that, the additional fruits of mango and passion fruit is also known to be rich in vitamin C

Ingredients for Echinacea Apple Smoothie Recipe:-

1 small mango
1 teaspoon of echinacea
1 cup of drinking water
1 red apple
2 passion fruit
2 freshly squeezed orange juice

Preparation steps for Echinacea Apple Smoothie recipe:-

Peel mango skin and cut off flesh from pit and place flesh into blender
Peel red apple and remove core then chop apple into pieces and add into blender
Blend mix until smooth
Cut passion fruit into half, scoop pulp and add into the mix
Also, add orange juice and echinacea into blender and blend
Add drinking water until the texture desired to dilute mix
Pour into glass and serve chill

Serving Size : 2 glasses

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