Apple Energy Smoothie Recipe


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A very famous phrase that parents would use to coax their kids to take apple. Here’s another way to get an apple a day by making apple energy smoothie recipe, of course. Apple energy smoothie recipe contains natural vitamins and vinegar extract to help further boost our immune system.

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Ice Lolly Apple Currant Smoothie Recipe


Try this Apple Currant smoothie together with ice lolly forĀ  a drink suit for a hot summer day. You can also treat it as a healthy party dessert fit for children because of the sweetness of apples and many other currants. Not only that, this ice lolly apple currant smoothie easy to prepare and can be stored so they are ready on demand

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Apple Aloe Vera Smoothie Recipe


Apple Aloe Vera smoothie is a drink that has a refreshing taste because of the sweetness of apples and aloe vera’s soothing properties. Not only is this smoothie easy to prepare, but the ingredients such as apple and aloe vera is easy to find. You can even plant your own aloe vera in your backyard because it not only serves as a refreshing drink but aloe vera is also known for its healing properties if there is any burns

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