Chocolate Smoothie Recipe


If you love chocolates, you would definitely want to try out a chocolate smoothie. Depending on one’s personal, you can use bitter sweet chocolates, dark chocolates, milk chocolate or even white chocolate. However, to create the intensity of the chocolate smoothie, you can mix each type of the chocolate

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Ice Lolly Apple Currant Smoothie Recipe


Try this Apple Currant smoothie together with ice lolly forĀ  a drink suit for a hot summer day. You can also treat it as a healthy party dessert fit for children because of the sweetness of apples and many other currants. Not only that, this ice lolly apple currant smoothie easy to prepare and can be stored so they are ready on demand

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Orange Avocado Smoothie Recipe


Orange Avocado smoothie contains ingredients that are good for the skin because of Avocados high in vitamin E, orange’s high in vitamin C. Moreover, this Orange Avocado smoothie also has a combination of other ingredients such lemon, parsley and asparagus which cleansing properties.

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